You can find diamonds in the rough: Poem from the internet

by Tyler on October 22, 2009

I found this amazing poem in a comment on Beyond Growth by a fellow known as jumping fish (see comment below).

“manifest destiny” by jumping fish

america seems to have an abundance of spiritual warriors

still playing cowboys and indians.

new wage yuppies promote genocide

desecrating others cultural ways.

atheists looking for a soul to buy,

ironic how these fools and their money soon part ways.

buy a yoga mat for a homeless being

so they too can find abundant growth and prosperity

and capitolize on others misfortunes or blatant ignorance

worship ben franklins and dead presidents

dream a green grandeur, green notes of hope

disposable income for a disposible culture

disposable yoga mats and plastic sweat lodges,

styrofoam cups full of child labor latte

the new age is here,

you can pay to be perfect

create wealth and harmony

buy your way into bliss

retreat forever in your money pit.

but, there is no escape from your green abyss

from the reality you helped to create.

from others cultural traditions you desecrate.

guru’s can’t cure your guilty cultural ills

your but an empty vessel to simply fill

a pepsi can, a red bull.

a new wage soul,

a curious consumer, a fools fool

a spiritual warrior

go to aghanistan and find yourself.

go to iraq and find yourself

go to pakistan and find yourself.

being an arrongant american, being yourself

learn what you are doing,learn what youve done

to the rest of the world, and native americans

no some plastic shaman who defines yourself

you pay for the seminar

you pay for the NY best seller

your happiness is abundance for yourself

get in your volvo or mercedes benz

eat sushi with your enlightened friends

tuna is nealy extinct you know.

i am sure your guru will tell you

when the supply gets low and valuable..

time to invest in what little is left

new wage abundance. shit for brains.

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jumping fish October 23, 2009 at 6:40 pm

it has a name, “manifest destiny”,
i am the author, jumping fish.
it’s a pathetic peace, i know
its so hard to describe the complete ignorance

that inspired the words n thoughts
in 100 words or less..

Tyler October 25, 2009 at 11:05 pm

jumping fish, I’m glad you found your way here. I’ll go ahead and edit the post to give you attribution. Your comment is confusing, as although it may not be refined, I found this poem quite insightful.

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